Without an emotion attached to them, words can not affect you. You are responsible to provide them with the power to hurt or lift your life.

As you gave them the power they possess, you can take it away.

At all moments of the day, words are said and the subconscious is listening to them. When you are happy, all your cells are happy, when you are fantastic, all your cells are fantastic. It is up to you.

Words, can trigger emotions, and those can be stored in your mind for many years, they can make you feel great or not. They can make a difference not only from day to day, but also in your life as a whole.

You are in charge to adjust words to a new meaning or to replace them.

Always, before you say something to yourself or others, remember that words can not affect you unless you let them. So scan your words before letting them out.

Recognize that is always you giving the power to words and they have no more power than the one you are allowing them to have.



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