The Power of a Smile.

To attract the people you need to succeed in life is important to take care of your outer appearance.

When you smile, your brain says: “ I thought we were stressed but we are not, because we are smiling”

There is an incredible power in showing up your teeth, your stress level goes down immediately because your subconscious mind recognise happiness because you are smiling. The subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind and is constantly working. It is the hard drive into which you save data throughout life.

The effect of a bad outer appearance will define what you get done in your life, while a better outer appearance,will attract you to similar people into your life and repel people who bring you down.

Observe yourself, observe the people around you and pay attention in how you and they carry themselves. Your subconcious will give you the idea in what you like and what you don’t. Do it several times during the day and you will see how you present yourself to the world. It will guaranteed lift you up.

Smile more to lower your blood pressure and live longer. It will make you have more and better friends, will improve your relationships.

Mandela’s smile for example, inspired confidence, defined him as a joyful warrior not vengeful.

Your smile is part of your strenght.



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