Look How Beautiful You Are!

Judith Aere
2 min readMay 15, 2020


Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and recognized your own beauty?

Today I want to remind you how beautiful you are!

You were born perfect, those beautiful eyes, that perfect nose, those gorgeous lips. The you, who makes you be you!. Combination of adjectives that make you so special. The way you smile, laugh, get angry, cry. The tone of your voice, the way you move and walk and talk. The weirdness, the sweetness, the gift of life in you.

Today, we honor the beauty in you! The one you don’t need to cover with make up, the one that makes you different than everybody else.

Beauty is a mood, a feeling, it is who you are.

You are as unique as your fingerprint. You have been created just perfect.Everything you do, is a reflexion of you.

Dare to be different, to shine on your own light. Walk this path acknowledging your uniqueness, how special you are, your true beauty.

Because, it does not matter how much you would like to complain when comparing yourself to others, you are beautiful, and happily you have the blessing to live in that body until the day you will go back to the light.

Love yourself each day and everyday. Honor the body you live in with respect and gratitude, because life without you, would never be the same.



Judith Aere

Sustainable Fingerprint. Project Manager and Marketing Specialist. Business Management and Supervision of Agricultural Enterprises - Organic Production